The Official Stuff

Hi. My name’s Jess. I’m a writer/illustrator/designer/editor-type creative person, and the force of nature behind Jesswick Creative Studio, LLC.

I live in a nifty town in Connecticut with my husband, a small fry (known online as “The Widget”), and an ornery cat who can’t decide whether she wants to be out or in. (If I haven’t posted in a while, just assume it’s because I’m standing by the door, opening and closing it, opening and closing it.)

When I am able to sit down, it’s often in my office/studio, surrounded by the things I love—toys, games, pictures, art supplies, and mountains and mountains of books.

Fun Facts
In my life, I have…

…Driven through a hurricane.
…Backpacked alone through Europe. Several times.
…Haggled over a rug in Morocco.
…Been on a bowling team.
…Roamed the streets of DC, Baltimore, New York, and London alone, at night, like a fool.
…Sung a solo in front of hundreds of people.
…Glided through a cloud—running my fingers through it—a few dozen feet off a cliff face, and a thousand feet in the air.
…Competed at both national and international levels. Yes, it was in synchronized swimming, and yes, that does count.
…Been in a snowball fight at the Lincoln Memorial.
…Swum hundreds of miles—not all in one go, though.
…Taught kickboxing.
…Gone snorkeling at night, in deep-water, choppy seas.
…Served soup out of a pumpkin at the National Portrait Gallery.
…Found and catalogued dozens of seashell species.
…Attended a birthday party at a carnival. In the pouring rain. In Italy. With horse meat on the menu. (It was quite tasty.)
…Lived in tiny cow towns, and enormous cities; on farms and in high-rises; in apartments and houses.
…Rock hounded pretty much everywhere I’ve ever been.
…Used a wide variety of power tools without major incident. (Knock on wood.)