Total Transparency Statement

Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in S'Wicked Blog

Total Transparency Statement
(or “ToTS”–if I want to make it sound like a cool spy organization run by two-years-olds)

Incentives to Post

Sometimes, I receive requests to help a company promote products or services on S’Wicked, and sometimes, with those requests, a small incentive of some sort is offered in return for the time taken to share info on my blog.

If you see “Total Transparency Statement” at the bottom of one of my posts, then you know that I have received something in return for publishing that post.

Now, having said that, I will never, ever, never promote something that I don’t think is cool, or nifty, or a fabulous deal. In other words, I’ll share only things I like and think are worthwhile. No matter how good the incentive, if it doesn’t fit the S’Wicked blog, I won’t put it in.

Okay, well maybe if I were offered a million-plus dollars, and it’s not a totally horrible product, I’d write a post about it. Or, if some unethical company hired someone to force-feed me lima beans, and the only way I could stop the lima bean horror was to post the info, I might do it then, too.

But, barring those two scenarios, rest assured, if there’s something on S’Wicked, it’s because I like it, and I think you may like it, too.

Up With Paper

I used to work for Up With Paper—an absolutely fantastic company. And, they’re still one of my clients.

That said, when I post UWP products on my blog, it isn’t because of any obligation they’ve put me under. It’s because their stuff is so completely cool, it would be criminal not to share it with everyone!