Which year is this?

Posted by on Jan 3, 2014 in Calendars, Holiday, S'Wicked Blog

So, if you’re anything like me, and the holidays passed in a verging-on-chaos jam-packed celebratory to-do list sort of way, and you’re sitting there feeling slightly dazed and genuinely confused, wondering to yourself “Just what exactly happened to 2013?” And, if your holidays had the added benefit of the unexpected, in the form of, say, screws in your tires or, hmm, maybe out-of-state trips to the emergency clinic, then hopefully, you can understand and forgive my long absence from the S’Wicked blog.

Throughout the whirlwind of ChristmaNewYear, there were many times when I thought “I must get a post up about calendars. I must get a post up about calendars.”

Well, needless to say, it never happened.

But do not fear! I’m hoping (and expecting) that many of you, like me, did not manage to check “find perfect calendar” off your to-do lists these last few weeks, and I will be featuring a variety of beautiful, fun, and unexpected calendar designs in a series of posts, next week. (Many calendars have gone on sale, so really, we were savvy to wait, right?)

In the meantime, I need to drag myself to the basement, haul up all the holiday decoration bins, and start packing up the ornaments and sparkles. Because, despite my brain’s inability to accept it, the folks on TV assure me that it really is 2014.

Happy New Year to all–a few days late.