The Year Ahead – Calendars, Part 3

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in Calendars, Letterpress, S'Wicked Blog, Stationery

I’m giving myself a deadline of the end of this week to make my momentous calendar decision. And, instead of it getting easier as I go along, it’s getting more and more difficult. There’s too much calendar-y goodness out there. Here’s some more of it…

Plane Paper

Plane Paper’s laser-cut 2014 Geometric Calendar combines great design, practicality, and originality into a swoon-worthy piece of art. As each month goes by, and each page is removed, the pattern evolves. And, the months that have passed don’t go to waste, because the integration of a simple but clever perforation mean you can convert each sheet into wall art, or make it into a gorgeous gift tag, or attach it to a sheet of cardstock for an outstanding note card.

Sesame Letterpress

The clean, vibrant graphics featured in Sesame Letterpress’s 2014 Letterpress Calendar are bright, happy, and go-anywhere fun. The packaging looks lovely and includes a pin for attaching the current month’s sheet to a wall or cork board, as well as a resolutions page for keeping this year’s goals close-at-hand and fresh-in-mind.

Paper Boat Studios

Paper Boat Studios uses white space as effectively as they do ink, and their 2014 Letterpress Wall Calendar is a perfect example of their work. This year’s image theme evolves from a whisper of a design right through to a bold finale. The effect is simultaneously powerful and restrained—and all-over lovely.

Letter C Design

When it comes to office calendars—planners, calendar sheets, mini calendar stickers, and more—Letter C Design has all the bases covered. They offer so many well-designed calendar options, it was difficult to choose which to feature, here.

Letter C Design Wall Calendar and Monthly Planner

Letter C Design Wall Calendar and Monthly Planner

Obviously, I could spend the rest of this calendar year trying to choose from all of the tempting options out there. But, I’ll limit myself to one more post before making my final decision….