The Year Ahead – Calendars, Part 4

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in Calendars, Letterpress, S'Wicked Blog

So, here it is. The fourth and final installment in my calendar-quest series of posts, with yet more to ponder….

Rigel Stuhmiller

Rigel Stuhmiller’s 2014 calendar features birds, blooms, and beautiful, eight-color letterpress. I’m always a big fan of Rigel’s bold but refined style, and this calendar offers twelve gorgeous pages of her work. Even better? This beauty of a desktop calendar just went on sale..

Puddleduck Paper Co.

The 2014 Geometric Calendar from Puddleduck Paper Co. is in keeping with the rest of Puddleduck’s work—clean, sincere, and bright. It fits well with virtually any decor—and budget.

Oddball Press

As you know by now, I have a soft spot for Oddball Press and their wacky work. Here are two Oddball letterpress calendar options—perfect for adding a little bit of zaniness to your wall, year-round.

Oddball Press 2014 Wall Calendars

Oddball Press 2014 Flash Flood and Heat Wave Letterpress Wall Calendars

ilee papergoods

Years ago, I stumbled on ilee papergoods while poking around on Etsy, and became an instant fan. The ilee papergoods calendar—with its beautiful designs and attention to production detail—has graced my desktop more than once, and no calendar review of mine would be complete without it. (Also available: a lovely, limited-edition perpetual calendar with a global travel theme.)

Margins Imprint

I love the mesmerizing patterns of Margin Imprint’s Moon Calendars. There’s something mysterious and moody and magical about them, not to mention downright beautiful. The Moon Calendars are available in a variety of screen-printed colors, as well as two letterpress options, and you can purchase them framed or unframed.

Margins Imprint Moon Calendars

Margins Imprint Moon Calendars

55 Hi’s

Okay, I’m going to end with a bang, here, folks, and feature 55 Hi’s’ 2014 Junk Food Calendars—available in both wall and desk formats. What can I say? I love these calendars, illustrated in a fab collaboration with Sock Monkee. From the retro styling, to the clever combo of seasons and snacks, right down to the holiday reference list—which includes not only traditional holidays but also important snackage dates, like Sticky Bun Day (February 21st), Onion Rings Day (June 22nd), and Fluffernutter Day (October 8th)—this calendar is finger-licking fun.

FYI: The wall version of this calendar is all done-up in clever “wrapped-candy” packaging, and…it’s currently on sale! Also, be sure to check out the video on the making of the Junk Food Calendar (scroll down on either calendar’s product page to find it). A LOT of work went into these five-color screenprint calendars, and this is a nifty way of watching that work come to life.

Okay, that’s it. I cry “uncle.” There’s no way to cover all the fantastic calendar options out there. I’m so impressed by the variety and creativity available this year. Now, I just have to hunker down, pick one or two—or, maybe, three—and place my orders. Once they’re up, I’ll take a pic and share which option(s) I went with.

In the meantime, I have to take a brief posting hiatus while my studio undergoes a minor overhaul, which I’m hoping will lead to all sorts of creative goodness in 2014.