Give Your Sweetie a Smooch!

In the spirit of hugs and kisses—but also in the cynicism and ennui that can surround today’s festivities—here are clever Valentine’s cards for your amusement. Some are snarky, some bizarre, and some are just plain sweet (in a slightly off-kilter way). ‘Cause when it comes down to it, everyone deserves a little sweetness, today, right?

oh my word

Leslie Kolk, the wicked wit behind oh my word cards and copy, has several choice options for expressing your affection on Valentine’s Day—from stalkers and co-dependency, to strippers and glitter.

L2 Design Collective

Trademark strong graphics from L2 Design Collective add a little romance to an anatomical heart, a talking popsicle, and—nudge, nudge—a plug and socket set.

Sideshow Press

Sideshow Press whispers sweet nothings for you, in unexpected ways.

Night Owl Paper Goods

It’s not a surprise that Night Owl Paper Goods serves its affection up all sweet and punny.

Ten Four Paper

I love the line of bright ‘n happy notecards from Ten Four Paper—several of which celebrate them lovin’ feelings.

Rifle Paper Co.

Leave it to Rifle Paper Co. to make toilet paper rolls and anatomical charts look like they should be framed and hung on the wall for a stylish-interiors-type magazine shoot.

Oddball Press

And, what would Valentine’s Day be, without the sometimes-slightly-alarming proclamations of “love,” from Oddball Press’s collection?

Here’s to all of you love birds out there—may you tingle down to your very toes with the heart-y, flower-y, cupidity of the day. And, for those of you who know exactly where you’d like to tell that little cherub to put his arrow, take heart! (pun intended)—it’s another 364 days ’til the public proclamations of love fill social media, again.

P.S. (Love you, Hon!)