Spring is in the Air – Part 1

I’ve been getting some nifty e-mails from folks lately, sharing their new designs for spring. And, I’ll admit it, after the winter we’ve been having, even I—usually a fan of the snowiest season—am ready to let it go in exchange for some blue sky, a warm breeze, and a green shoot popping up here and there.

Today’s new products come courtesy of one of my favorite companies, Night Owl Paper Goods. They’ve released a nice collection of new designs for spring and the springtime holidays.

Here are just a few examples of their new offerings….

Journals and Jotters

NOPG is playing a lot with color and pattern this season, and that is no more evident than in their fresh line of journals and jotters.

Fruity Fun

Happy fruit makes a fun appearance in their spring line with these Peachy Keen and Big Apple cards. Also available: a really happy Dancin’ Banana graduation card.

Savvy Samplers

I love these sampler-style Piggies and Chickens thank you notes.

Happy Affirmation

And, what better way to end than on a happy note? Know anyone whose winter blues are really getting them down? Send these two cards—Hello Gorgeous and You’re Amazing—a couple days apart, as a sort of one-two punch of happy affirmation, and they’ll be tiptoeing through the tulips in no time!

(Be sure to check out Night Owl’s new designs for Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, too!)