Spring is in the Air – Part 2

So, there’s another storm bearing down on a good portion of the country. Many of us should check (for seemingly the hundredth time this season), to see if there’s any sand, deicer, or salt left, and whether the handle on the shovel is going to make it through another heavy snowfall.

But, in the interest of keeping spirits up, I suggest you procrastinate, instead. Look at something beautiful and organic—something that suggests sunshine and growth and warm earth. Remind yourself that soon—it has to be soon, right?—the charcoal snow on the roadsides will be melted, crocuses will peep out, and just beyond that, we’ll get the first sonic-yellow glimpses of forsythia.*

And, for your winter-weather procrastination pleasure, I’m excited to share this new line of twelve glorious block prints from Rigel Stuhmiller. If you’re not familiar with Rigel’s work, I think you’ll be delighted to have discovered her. She is a student of the earth; her art and designs celebrate flora, fauna, and farm.

For her new line of cards and prints, she used hand-cut linoleum block printing to capture a series of local wildflowers. “Most of them are inspired by flowers that I see on my walks around my neighborhood and the very beautiful regional parks in the area,” she says.

So, without further ado, feast your winter-weary eyes on these….

Rigel offers the card versions of this art in two different six-card sets—Pack 1, and Pack 2.

She also offers signed 8″ x 10″ prints of this art: you choose which three designs you’d like. (Be sure to check out all twelve available designs, and leave a little time for decision-making; choosing your favorites may take a while.)

While you’re perusing, do take a look at the other items in Rigel’s shop. She offers dish towels, note cards, prints, and other goodies in a variety of illustrative styles.

* My apologies for waxing poetic; it must be a symptom of cabin fever.