In Clover – St. Patrick’s Day gift bundle ideas, with Ginko Papers

I’m one of those people who loves giving gifts. And, in particular, I love to give “layered” gifts, with several items to open, all united by a certain theme. The more nooks and crannies and fun gifties to discover, the better. I’m always on the lookout for products that are happy, useful, and not outrageously expensive, to build into these gift bundles. (I really should come up with a better name for them.)

So, it was with considerable delight that I found a wealth of St. Patrick’s Day stationery goodies, perfect for creating a shamrock-themed gift bundle. And, you can get everything all in one place—Ginko Papers.


First, of course, you’ll want to start with a card. Ginko Papers has a selection of greeting cards with clover themes, including Laser-Cut Green Flowers, Felt Clover and Bee, and Felt Ladybug Birthday—perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day birthday girl or boy.

Letter Sets

These letter sets—Clover Bunches and Clovers—are the perfect anchor for your St. Patrick’s Day stationery gift bundle.


Once you’ve chosen a Notes Set, how about adding a Rilakkuma Bear and Clover Notepad, or a Green Clovers & Rabbit Bag—perfect for pencils, makeup, or other little bits and bobs? You could also include the Spring Clover Pocket Pack Letter set (designed to include a fun photo for the recipient), in your gift collection.


Top off your clover-themed goodies with some fun shamrock stickers and a roll of FunTape. (Shown here: Felt Clover Stickers, Beaded & Felt Clover Stickers, Ladybugs & Clovers Cross-Stitched Stickers, and Lucky Clovers FunTape.)

Cello Bags

Finally, slip a few small treats in these festive cello bags: Cellophane LadyBugs Gift Bag and Clover Plastic Gift Bag.

Put it all together in a simple Kraft bag with some Kraft shred, and you’re sure to brighten your favorite lad or lassie’s St. Patrick’s Day!