A Bit o’ the Green

I’m looking out the window at a bleak landscape: patches of snow on the ground, a milky gleam where the sun’s shining behind the clouds, and everything is drab, drab, drab. Oh, and, it’s 27.5 degrees out, with a nice raw breeze.

That said, there are signs of spring—the tell-tale tips of daffs and crocuses, a wee bird singing its little heart out (“I’m here! I’m here!”). And, the local posse of turkeys is putting on its usual spring-time show: the hens are all pecking and pooping-up our yard, happily ignoring the desperate toms who spend hours in strut-‘n-puff mode. (Three of the hens even flew to the top of the garden this morning to escape the preening.)

So, in that vein—the vein of springtime and plant growth and an end to this seriously tedious winter—I’ve chosen to celebrate St. Patty’s Day with a touch of green…

These sweet cards from Rifle Paper Co. capture that bit of gardening magic I’m longing for. The cards are sold individually, or as part of a four-design “Homegrown Garden” set.

Rifle Paper - "Wellies" and "Herbs" cards

Rifle Paper – “Wellies” and “Herbs” cards

I love the cheery green and leafy feel of Smock’s three-box set of Festoon boxes.

Rigel Stuhmiller knows how to use green (no big surprise for an artist who draws inspiration from farms, gardens, and the natural world around her). These block prints are available as reproduction prints, and also as part of a series of cards, available in two sets—pack 1 (includes the brussels sprouts) and pack 2 (includes the French melon).

Rigel Stuhmiller block prints

Rigel Stuhmiller French Melon and Brussels Sprouts block prints

Finally, this poster from Martin Azambuja for Holstee hits a great green-thing chord. You can feel the warm breeze just looking at it. The art is also available as: a set of four seasonal posters; a set of six greeting cards (all the same art); and a set of four greeting cards with different art for each season.

Martin Azambuja's "Spring" poster for Holstee.

Martin Azambuja’s “Spring” poster for Holstee.

Hopefully, these happy pieces of green will hold you through to real springtime temperatures. I just checked my long-term forecast, and there was a 60—60!—high temperature for April first.

Now, that’s the kind of April Fool’s fun I’ll sign up for.