NSS/SURTEX – Preppin’, Part 1

The time has come. You can practically hear the dull roar of the Javits Center in the distance. NSS, SURTEX, and Gift>It are on the horizon. They, together with the Creative Lifestyle & Arts and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, make for a powerhouse event of epic creative proportions.

And, I’m going to miss it.

Yup, sadly, I will not be in New York, this year. Sniffle. The fates have conspired against me this time ’round, and I won’t be able to wallow happily in illustration, stationery, crafting, furniture, and gifting goodness. Muffled sob.

That said, I can still dream about the big event, pretend I’m going, and make all sorts of plans in my head for what I’d pack, who I’d see, and all of the amazing work I’d peruse. So, let’s start with prepping and packing for the show.

These shows are all about creativity, ingenuity, and aesthetic appeal. So, why not start the whole experience with some planning and packing tools that are all three—creative, unexpected, and aesthetically pleasing?

Knock Knock
(NSS Booth 2350)

Knock Knock’s known for their cheeky humor. But, their packing lists are serious—seriously helpful. Almost forgot your phone charger? How about your confirmation info? No worries; just look at the lists. Knock Knock has it all covered.

Knock Knock's Pack This Pad

Knock Knock’s Pack This Pad

Girl of All Work

Looking to travel in style? Differentiate your bag from a billion others? No need to buy new luggage; just grab a colorful, striped tag from Girl of All Work. They come in several different palettes, each with its own city name (“Havana” is featured, below).

Girl of All Work's Bag Tags

Girl of All Work’s Bag Tags

Those familiar with the shows know that you’ll likely leave with a wad of business cards at least two inches thick. Want to tame that business card beast (and minimize the risk of losing any important new contact info)? Bring this Girl of All Work Ring! Business Card Holder with you, and keep it in the hotel room. Every night, pull out the cards you’ve gathered and slip each one into its own little pocket, all safe and sound. (The holder is small enough to keep in a purse or bag, so you could carry it with you, if you wanted, but I’m all about traveling as light as possible at the shows.)

Girl of All Work's Ring! Business Card Holder

Girl of All Work’s Ring! Business Card Holder

Ginko Papers
(NSS Booth 2645)

You’re going to need a place to put stuff as you walk the shows. I’ve found that it’s handy to organize all the little bibs and bobs into smaller bags inside a larger one. This makes it easy to find exactly what you need at a moment’s notice. Ginko Papers offers a bunch of fun bag options.

I like their Double Color Mini Bags for the dual zippered pockets, and the ability to “snap it down to a smaller size.” (Not to mention, the color combos are a lot of fun; I’ve featured the Blue/Green version, here.)

Ginko Papers' Double Color Mini Bags

Ginko Papers’ Double Color Mini Bags

And, I love their Red Riding Hood bags (“Wolf” design is featured, below). A full 13″ x 9″, these bags can hold catalogs and other larger-format marketing materials.

Ginko Papers' Red Riding Hood Bags

Ginko Papers’ Red Riding Hood Bags

Letter C Design
(NSS Booth 2267)

Letter C Design has a ton of great office and organizing material, including their Pocket Journals (available in a variety of designs and colors). At 3.5″ x 5″, they’re great for popping into a purse or camera bag, and making notes as you walk (“Be sure to swing back to such-and-such booth when they’re quieter;” “Send so-and-so the color palette link we discussed;” “Lots of great porcupine designs, this year;” etc).

And, if you always want to have a writing implement on hand (they tend to mysteriously disappear at the show), but don’t want to lug around a whole pencil case full of them, sneak Letter C’s adorable Arrow Mini Pencils into your bag.

Letter C Design's Pocket Journals and Arrow Mini Pencils

Letter C Design’s Pocket Journals (design seen here: Celebrate in Fire and Ice) and Arrow Mini Pencils


This is just the start of my NSS/SURTEX posts, folks, so do check back soon….

Next up: more packing and prepping supplies, and a truly momentous occasion:
the S’Wicked Blog’s very first giveaway!!!

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