NSS/SURTEX – Preppin’, Part 2 + Gartner Giveaway!

There’s some happy-dancing going on here at the S’Wicked Blog, today, because, thanks to the kind folks at Gartner Studios, (which includes the Gartner, MARA-MI, and russell+hazel brands), we’re celebrating our very first giveaway! WOO-HOO!

Yup, that’s right! In celebration of the upcoming National Stationery Show, you can win MARA-MI’s New York version of their Pocket Diary (pictured above). The journal has 160 pages, an elastic closure, and at 4.75″ x 6.25″, is sized to fit into most bags. (Details for how to put your name in the pot for the drawing are at the bottom of this post.)

While you’re checking out the journal, be sure to peruse all of the other show-worthy (and seriously useful!) items the Gartner family offers, and if you’re attending the National Stationery Show, be sure to visit all the Gartner brands in booth 1520!


Gartner’s Not Your Bag Luggage Tags make bright, brash statements that not only help you find your bag among a sea of suitcases, but also clearly state: “I am here. This is my bag. And, I am going to rock this show aaaalll up and down the Javits aisles. So, clear a path; I’m coming through!”


If you’re looking to make more of a savvy-‘n-sophisticated statement, be sure to check out the russell+hazel leather line. Each of the dozen different products (including key chains, folios, and a belt) is available in multiple colors, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

russell+hazel's leather line

russell+hazel’s leather line (shown here, clockwise from top left: Phone Pouchette, Mini Clutch, Business Card Holder, and Luggage Tag, all in gold)


MARA-MI offers a number of different journal options, but their Luddite Purse Journals are perfect for walking the show.

Jot down interesting info you learn (a new product line coming out; an emerging trend you notice; notes from one of the seminars) in the “FYI” journal. “ASAP” could hold lists of all the booths you want to visit, people you need to talk to, and reminders you need to give yourself (for example, “Don’t forget to send Kim the link we discussed”). And, WTF can be your own personal wild card space for scribbling questions that may come up during the show; trends you think are seriously bizarre; or thoughts on what you’d do differently next time (“Bring more business cards.” “Pack snacks.” “Wear flats!”).


Thanks again to the wonderful folks at Gartner Studios for sponsoring this giveaway—don’t forget to check out all their fab products and goodies in booth 1520 at National Stationery Show!

Next, on the S’Wicked Blog: I turn advice columnist, and offer some tips on how exhibitors, attendees, and bloggers/media folk can make the most of the show.

How to Enter to Win MARA-MI’s New York Pocket Journal
It’s simple! Please just leave a comment* on this post by 6:00 p.m. EST today (May 8th, 2014). You’ll be prompted for your name and e-mail address, which I’ll need to contact you, should you win. One name will be chosen at random to receive this nifty journal. The winner will be announced here on the S’Wicked Blog on Friday, at which point I will contact the winner for a mailing address, which I will share with Gartner Studios, so they can send the journal directly to the lucky recipient.

*Your comment will await moderation; I’ll be reviewing and approving comments periodically throughout the day. If your comment doesn’t appear immediately; never fear! It will be included in the contest.


  1. Tracey

    Hey Jess! Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely journal.

  2. Gina Martin

    Love your blog Jessica! I would LOVE to with the diary. I am also looking forward to survival tips…mostly I just go with the flow. Sorry to miss you this year…maybe 2015!

  3. Administrator

    I’m so sorry I’m going to miss you, Gina!

  4. Administrator

    You’re welcome, Tracey! Though, it’s all Gartner Studios on this one; they’re awesome!

  5. Karen

    I have been in the dark! Your blog is fab, Jessica. So glad you posted about it. Love those luggage tags. Feel free to stick my name in the draw too!

  6. Tamra Hart

    What a cool give-away! And those luggage tags are wonderful, I may have to get some to give to my in-laws.

  7. Administrator

    Thanks, Karen! So glad you found the blog, and that it’s useful. (And, yeah, aren’t those luggage tags fantastic?)

  8. bitty

    I’ve always thought you were very talented – I still have the Reese Worm button you made 🙂

  9. Aliea

    Very cool! Might be a few years before I can go to NSS. Maybe the journal will help keep my goals in perspective. Thanks Jess!

  10. Administrator

    It’s an awesome show, Aliea! The amount of eye candy and inspiration is out of this world.

  11. Administrator

    That’s hilarious, Bitty! And, thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  12. Administrator

    Tamra, I was thinking of buying several sets; I know so many people who’d get a kick out of them.

  13. Runderella

    HOWies rule! 😀

  14. Administrator

    Indeed, they do. 🙂

  15. Patti

    Hi Beanie! Thanks for the heads-up about the Luddite Collection — I need to start carrying a small journal, the “small” one I have works (it has the Wicked Witch on it) but it’s too big for my purse so I don’t write in it as often as I want to. (We remember writing!)

  16. Administrator

    Patti, I get a huge kick out of those journals–and they don’t look as if they’d add so much weight to your bag that you’d have to lift weights to carry them.

  17. Heather

    I am such a journal gal! I love the the Luddite purse journals. I must have them!

  18. Pops

    I hope I win it!!

  19. Kim Fox

    the late bird doesn’t get the worm! I’ve been packing for NSS and moving things from the basement to the garage to load the van a week from today (YIKES!) so I missed the deadline.

    Anyhow – congrats on a year!!!!!

  20. Administrator

    Awwww, thanks, Kim! There will be more giveaways in the future, so stay tuned. Have a blast at NSS!