Back to School – Part 5 – Animal Prints

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The second brief for the Intermediate Track of MIID’s Summer School program again fell within the overarching Confluence theme. This time, however, the sub-theme was animal prints. Like the second Beginner’s brief, this theme wasn’t one that had me jumping up and down with excitement. I’ve never been a huge fan of animal prints, except when they’re on the animals, themselves.

So, I decided to approach it from a different angle, and avoid the typical “animal-rug” patterns—tiger, leopard, zebra—that immediately came to mind. Instead, I started to play around with marine animal patterns, and ultimately created my swatch from two: a textured scale pattern and an abstraction of a close-up view of a coral.

Animal Prints swatch by Jessica Southwick

Animal Prints swatch

After I’d completed my swatch, I mocked it up into a fun little tote.

Animal Prints tote bag mock-up by Jessica Southwick

Animal Prints tote bag mock-up

Next up, the Advanced Track, Brief 2, and it’s a doozy….

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