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I’m in between the wonderful MIID Summer School program, and the upcoming MATS course I’ll be taking from Lilla Rogers.

But, I don’t want the learnin’-good-stuff momentum to stop, so I’ve been taking Bonnie Christine’s excellent CreativeLive course, Design Surface Patterns from Scratch. (If you’re interested in surface pattern design, I recommend this course without hesitation—and I’m only about half-way through!)

In an effort to streeetch my creative hours to the max, I decided to combine Bonnie’s teachings with a fun, simple pattern assignment a group of MIID Summer School “grads” have come up with: design some Christmas wrapping paper.

So, inspired by Bonnie Christine’s beautiful color palettes and using many of the tips and techniques she’s shared, I put together the first pattern of what may become a fun little collection of holiday prints I’m calling “Visions of Sugarplums.”

Visions of Sugarplums pattern by Jessica Southwick

Visions of Sugarplums pattern

I’m getting a few of those maddening hairlines in my pattern that from now on I will refer to as Styxian Hairlines, because they truly are a product of the netherworld. (And, yes, I’ve double-checked my work and gone through all the little tricks, but still, they persist. Dagnabbit!) Ah, well, something to do more research into, I guess.

That said, I think this pattern is fun and happy and sweet (ba-dum-ching). And, it has enough going on, that I may take it beyond a one-off, and see what else is waiting to be created from it.

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