December 1st Approaches…Time for Advent Calendar Fun

Posted by on Nov 27, 2013 in Calendars, Christmas, Holiday, S'Wicked Blog

It’s really, really hard (and somewhat terrifying) to think that December first is only four days away. Meep! And, while the idea of December strikes some fear into my seriously-unprepared-for-the-holidays heart, it also means that it’s—yippee!—time to open the first door on the Advent calendar.

Haven’t had time to get yours, yet? You still have a few days to find the perfect way to count down the days ’til Christmas.

Here are just a few fun designs, for inspiration….

This Tree Trimming Advent Calendar from Up With Paper unfolds to reveal a spectacular Christmas tree pop-up. The art is fun and sweet—perfect for the kiddos (and the Day 24 door is extra-special!).*

Yes, the calendar, below, is oh-so-cool, and yes, it’s out of stock on the Mr. Boddington’s Studio Web site, but who knows? You might be able to find this at your favorite Boddington-carrying retailer, so if this is the one for you, don’t give up hope!

This cheery dimensional Advent calendar from Meri Meri shows Santa climbing the tree to put the all-important sparkly star on top.

FYI: Meri Meri also offered a wonderful Nutcracker Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar this year (you can see pics of it, on the Amazon UK site). It looks like a wee jewelry box, and each day, you open a door to find a new seasonal charm for the bracelet. Unfortunately (but not unsurprisingly), it’s sold out on Meri Meri’s site, and I had a hard time finding one, but eventually met with success when I contacted the good folks at The Paper Mermaid in Rockport, MA, who shipped one out for me to give to my niece. I’m not sure if they have any left, but if you simply must have it (it’s soooooo cool!), it may be worth giving them a ring.

Another fun option—one we’re going with in our LEGO-obsessed household this year—is the 2013 LEGO City Advent Calendar. Each day, you open up a compartment to find a new piece of the holiday LEGO scene.

There are any number of other designs out there, too, so keep your eyes peeled, and have fun counting down ’til Christmas!

* Total Transparency Statement